Jancroon Graphic Novel

The JANCROON graphic novel is underway with each page available as exclusive, collectible NFTs on Opensea

First available is the stunning cover piece signed by top illustrator Henry Martinez.  All proceeds will go directly into the production of the graphic novel.  Collectors will receive a free airdrop of the digital graphic novel, and each NFT will serve as your passport into the galactiport JANCROON.


Mike Baron, award winning comic writer, will be translating the feature screenplay into a graphic novel manuscript. Mike has written for top publishers Darkhorse comics, DC comics, and Marvel, with titles such as The Punisher, Nexus, Justice League, Star Wars and Batman.


Ultra talented comic illustrator Henry Martinez will be doing the pencils, inks and colors for the Jancroon graphic novel. Past titles include Ghost Rider/Blaze: Spirits Of Vengeance, Morbius and Blaze for Marvel, Mantra and The All New Exiles for Malibu Comics, and many more.