About us

Our Sci-Fi property JANCROON™️

JANCROON™️ was born from the medium of film’s powerful ability to inspire, entertain and enlighten audiences globally.

Seeing the extreme lack of quality original content being put out through major Hollywood studios, we believe a complete reset is needed to enable new storytellers and filmmakers to tell the stories they’ve been called to tell. So often the artists voice and vision is quelled, changed and smashed because their message goes against the controllers of mass media.

We are bold in our stories and seek truth in all we do. We believe that hope must be present before courage can surface.

JANCROON™️ boldly pushes the limits of sight, sound and story in a new and fantastic sci-fi world, with a first glimpse through our NFTs, with graphic novel series to follow brought to you by Cinemo Galactic. The story involves four young men who’ve lost hope, and mysteriously awaken in a fantastical yet hopeless world.

Before they can summon the courage to fight the evil surrounding them to find their way home, they must find HOPE.

Something that rings true for every Human Being on their journey home.

Through a doorway into the larger story every Human Being belongs to, with hidden truths revealed, ancient allies rediscovered, and the destinies of entire cosmic races lying in the balance, we are extremely proud to present this expansive new story world in our flagship property, JANCROON™️.

The Croon are coming….

2nd Campaign – URCHAID CROON

3rd Campaign – PORPRA CROON