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The weight of the world can be overwhelming. Many young people give up before giving themselves a chance to hope. Broken, confused, lonely, afraid, hopeless – these emotions bring ROLLY CHAGALL, KAI LING, DANE BHUTARI and REDONDO FEDERICO to what they feel is the end of their young lives. But every ending is a beginning. Amidst raging thunderstorms, a MIRACLE happens.

Stretching 800 miles long and over 40 miles wide, Jancroon is like nothing they’ve ever seen. The four are immersed in the tug of war between the Humans and the mighty alien race of CROON. Their relationship is at its breaking point. Guided by the mystical figure of URIAH, the four realize their arrival was no coincidence. Faced with the choice to return home or stay and fight for Human freedom, their decision leads to an intergalactic war against the insurmountable might and technology of the Croon. Their fight for survival leads to the planet Semidron, where they encounter the alien dragons, YANGZAN and the deadly aquatic beasts ZAQUATONS. A small, primitive yet resourceful alien race called the MORTAGAGE, has no love for Humans or the Croon, but have a role to play if the Humans are to survive. From darkness comes light. Uriah, accompanied by beings from another realm, guide the Humans on their path to salvation. In losing sight of their own stories on Earth, the four young heroes realize that the larger story to which they belong is bigger than they imagined.


Mike Baron, award winning comic writer, will be translating the feature screenplay into a graphic novel manuscript. Mike has written for top publishers Darkhorse comics, DC comics, and Marvel, with titles such as The Punisher, Nexus, Justice League, Star Wars and Batman.


Ultra talented comic illustrator Henry Martinez will be doing the pencils, inks and colors for the Jancroon graphic novel. Past titles include Ghost Rider/Blaze: Spirits Of Vengeance, Morbius and Blaze for Marvel, Mantra and The All New Exiles for Malibu Comics, and many more.