A limited collection NFT metaverse where each token becomes your entry pass into the massive Galactiport.


Jancroon is a collection of 7,777 limited Seytani Croon NFTs on the Ethereum Blockchain.
The CROON are the supervillain alien race from this exciting story world, and your NFT doubles as your passport into the galactiport, JANCROON.
Passport owners will have first access to a full 96 page graphic novel, first dibs on stunning virtual real estate in the city, and will be first participants in the forthcoming RPG game.


    Each Seytani CROON NFT is a uniquely generated digital avatar created from over one hundred traits, including hair, clothing, facial expressions, body and face tattoos, and skins.

    The Seytani members are stored as ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain and hosted on IPFS. Purchasing one of our NFTs will be at the same fixed price on the day of our initial drop.

    Holders of Jancroon NFTs will be provided access to the Galacticport and will become part of our in-game metaverse.


    A forthcoming RPG game in partnership with game developer iLogos is in the works.
    Experience the world of JANCROON in a stunning new interactive game with one of the top game developers in the world.


    When you buy a Seytani Croon NFT, you are acquiring a rare entry passport into a new sci-fi metaverse waiting to be explored.
    Passport holders will have access to virtual real estate, graphic novels, our RPG game and be first to enlist in the war against the Croon alien race.


    This timeline details our funding and
    development goals.

    • April 2022

      Seytani Croon

      NFT launch

    • May 2022

      Pre-production RPG Game

      with iLOGOS


    • May 2022

      Production launch of full

      graphic novel

    • July 2022

      Urchaid Croon NFT Launch

    • August 2022

      Jancroon Virtual Real Estate debut

    • October 2022

      Porpra Croon

      NFT launch

    • December 2022

      Graphic Novel Air Drop

      To All NFT Holders

    • December 2022

      Fornjotr NFT launch

      NFT holders